History of the Parish Church



The parish Church has a short but interesting history. In the beginning, the entire building was the Institute for Byzantine Studies who was administrated by the Fathers of the Assumption of our Lady (Μεταστάσεως  της Θεοτόκου ( ππ. Ασομψιονιστες )).

In 1968 he then reverend father Benedict Printezis named the parish in dedication to St. John the Baptist and the first church was today’s activities hall.

In 1972 the parish was officially recognized with permission of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs of Greece.

In 1978 the present church building was constructed during the time of the most reverend Archbishop of Athens Nicholaos Foskolos.

So far, the chaplains of this parish have been Fr. Nicholas Palamaris (1968 - 1974 & 1988 – 1997) Fr. George Filippousis (1974 - 1979), Fr. John Betsis (1979 - 1988), Fr Andreas Voutsinos (1997 - 2015),  Fr. Alberto Paima (2015 -June 30th 2019) and Father Alfonso Spadaro ( July 1st until now). 

Address: Papanastasiou 11, 15452 P. Psychiko
Phone / fax: 210-6711410
Office hours: Tuesdays Wednesdays and Fridays 09.00 - 14.00