Dear parishioners,

please be informed that during the lockdown, in the church of Psychico, the faithful will be able to enter for individual prayer:

Every Tuesday from  17:30 until 19:30

Every Friday from  15:00 until 16:30

Every Sunday  from 10:00 until 12:00 

observing the protective measures against COVID: use of the protective mask, two-meter social distancing, and 9 people as the maximum number of the faithful inside the church.

The Church of Kifissia won’t be open.

Fr. Alphonse Spadaro

Parish Priest


Dear parishioners, 

We inform you that in any case the restrictive measures decided by the Government concerning the Churches will be extended, the Ash Wednesday Holy Mass, which will be celebrated by our Archbishop, will be broadcasted live at the YouTube channel of our Cathedral (Αγ.Διονύσιος) at 18.30 at the following link:

The Stations of the Cross (Via Crucis) will also be broadcasted live on the same link above every Friday at 18.30 during the whole liturgical period of Holy Lent.

fr.Alphonse Spadaro

Parish priest of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church of Psychiko

Dear parishioners,


According to the new urgent decision of the Government for total lockdown, until further notice  the Churches will not be allowed to receive the faithful during the celebration of the Holy Masses.

We kindly remind you of the possibility to watch through the internet the Holy Mass celebrated by our Archbishop every Sunday at 11.00am at the YouTube channel of our Cathedral (Άγιος Διονύσιος), at the following link:  . 


(The Holy Mass is celebrated at our Cathedral in English at 6.30 pm. Click at the same link above)


Always united in prayer,


fr. Alphonse Spadaro
Parish priest of Saint John the Baptist of Psichiko 

Parish Bulletin   April 11th April 18th( Download as pdf from there)   


Word of Life - April 2021  ( Focolari )

Parish Office will be closed until Further notice

( Lockdown period) 


For emergency situation please call to  2106711410

Email : 


Priests are available for confessions, anointing  of the sick, etc. upon request.


Phones: 210-671-1410 and 699-305-5578

Parish office adress: 11, Papanastasiou- Palaio Psichiko , telephone :2106711410